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Link Treasury Services: the best resourced and most experienced treasury management advisor in the UK.

Who are we?

Link Treasury Services provides tailored treasury management and capital financing (including asset finance) advisory services to over 400 private and public sector clients.

With over 60 dedicated employees, we are the best resourced and most experienced treasury management advisory team in the UK. We have built our client relationships over 30 years enabling us to understand our clients’ strategies and the various challenges they face, in order that we can provide pro-active, value-added, advice on an ongoing basis. Many of our team have previously worked within our clients’ business sectors.

How do we help?

We provide a range of key treasury services built around our clients’ needs in order to add optimum value to their treasury and capital finance function. Our resources and diverse skillset means we are always available to help and support each client in these areas of their business. Our approach provides us with the ability to respond quickly and swiftly, with local knowledge and understanding of our clients.

Our services

Our services are designed to enhance the performance of the treasury function, adding additional capacity to the internal team, as well as support the management of risk.

Agency Treasury Services (ATS)

Dealing with the ATS panel banks means that there will be no Know Your Customer (KYC), compliance or FATCA requirements to be completed either now, or on an ongoing basis, with those banks that our clients wish to place funds with. The process of on-boarding is therefore a much quicker and efficient process for clients. ATS clients have benefited from our negotiating strength with financial institutions to access a competitive rate on their cash surpluses. Critically, ATS does not compromise the client’s ability to deal through the market but enhances the opportunities available to make investments as we are placing client deposits of up to £1bn, at any one time.    

Asset finance

Link Group has arranged leases in relation to around £1.5 billion of assets.

We streamline processes to deliver tangible savings, as well as centralise leases to help you manage them. We:

  • Advise on the funding of all types of vehicle, plant and equipment to ensure best value is achieved
  • Manage our client’s mini-competition requirements through our market leading OJEU tendered specialist frameworks
  • Assist with vehicle procurement for the outright purchase of assets through our market leading OJEU tendered framework
  • Provide bespoke public sector lease documentation, reflecting asset specific requirements, eliminating hidden costs and ensuring lessors quote on a consistent basis
  • Support and advise on accounting for lease arrangements under International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Provide IFRS 16 Lease accounting software
  • Generate real, identifiable savings through proactive management of our client’s lease portfolios

Business planning

We provide bespoke and tailored advice and support in relation to:

  • Capital strategy planning and revenue modelling
  • Business rates modelling

Corporate finance

We provide the following services:

  • Project risk assessments and due-diligence
  • Company and share valuations
  • Corporate finance advice

Credit and investment services

We provide investment advice and a comprehensive counterparty risk assessment service. We

  • Distribute credit ratings from all three rating agencies on a real-time intra-day basis
  • Provide other market credit risk metrics
  • Provide risk/reward evaluations to assist clients in assessing their risk appetites and tolerance levels
  • Identify products that provide real benefits to our clients, in line with their strategic objectives
  • Undertake External Fund Manager selections in relation to specialist asset types

Debt and new borrowing

We have arranged long-term loans for our clients totaling over £1bn, from both the private and public markets. We:

  • Provide a proactive debt advisory service
  • Strive to minimise the costs of new borrowing
  • Identify opportunities to refine the costs of current debt through a pro-active debt restructuring service
  • Develop new funding sources to optimise the cost of new capital finance


We provide advice and solutions for clients who use or are looking to utilise derivatives as part of their treasury strategy. We can help to:

  • Devise hedging strategies
  • Provide indicative pricing and benchmarking the cost of derivatives
  • Carry out regular mark-to-market valuations and monitoring counterparty exposures
  • Arrange ISDA documentation and counterparty derivative lines
  • Support clients with negotiations with banks when exiting any derivatives or loans with embedded derivatives such as Lender Option Borrowers Option (LOBO) loans
  • Read more about our derivatives capability

Technical accounting

We provide support and advice, including:

  • Technical accounting support and year-end accounts closedown advice
  • Balance Sheet Resilience and Performance monitoring
  • Minimum Revenue Provision and Loan Fund Strategy advice
  • Project financing advice and commercial due diligence
  • Advice around the appropriation of assets between different internal funds


We provide comprehensive treasury and capital financing training programmes which are tailored to meet our clients’ requirements, based on our clients own financial circumstances and future strategy, which also takes into account the Capital Programme, the current and projected future Balance Sheet and debt and investment positions.

Treasury and capital financing services

Through our key treasury management and capital financing services, we:

  • Work with our award-winning partners’ Capital Economics, to provide economic and interest rate information and advice in support of key financial decision making and financial planning assumptions
  • Advise on the debt structure and funding of capital expenditure, as well as ongoing debt portfolio management, including debt restructuring
  • Assess long-term debt and investment requirements against a longer-term cash flow forecast
  • Provide investment support for portfolio risk management, and assess appropriate investment instruments, fund selection, monitoring and investment benchmarking
  • Advise and support on regulatory and accountancy requirements to ensure compliance with CIPFA Treasury Management Code of Practice, the CIPFA Prudential Code and any other emerging regulation, guidance/codes
  • Support and help with treasury management reporting
  • Provide CPD accredited workshops and e-training events for clients and elected/board members

Vehicle procurement

Support and deliver savings for our clients' vehicle procurement requirements:

  • market leading ultra-low-cost fleet purchase framework
  • manufacturer rebate set at a transparent and affordable £1 per unit for vehicles up to £20,000; £10 per unit for vehicles up to £100,000 and £50 rebate per unit for vehicles up to £0.5 million
  • more discount is passed on to our clients, generating significant savings over other vehicle procurement frameworks
  • we manage a number of public procurement frameworks on behalf of our clients, and these are available for other clients and the wider public sector to use.

Please download information relating to our procurement frameworks

Our sectors:

  • Ambulance Trusts
  • Charities
  • Corporates
  • Education
  • Local Authorities including police and fire authorities
  • NHS Trusts
  • Residential Housing
  • Transportation

Our people:


  • David Whelan – Managing Director (Link Treasury Services)
  • Stephen Burns – Director (Head of Asset Finance Advisory)


  • Richard Bason – Senior Director
  • Alexander Flight – Senior Director
  • Alan George – Director
  • Nazmin Miah - Director
  • Adam Burleton – Director
  • David Rider – Director
  • Chris Scott – Director
  • Darrell Slevin – Director
  • Nikki Ulyatt – Director
  • Chris Jones – Director
  • Rob Baxter – Director

Please contact us to find out more

Stephen Burns


David Whelan

Managing director