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As global leaders in pensions administration for DB, DC and hybrid arrangements, we provide market-leading technology that connects millions of members to their pensions to help them achieve better retirement outcomes.
With over 30 years’ experience in supporting the Australian market, we have combined our global capability with a deeply experienced UK team to bring best in class DC and DB propositions to the market.
Our team is passionate about delivering outstanding services to members and we are continuously investing in our people, infrastructure and technology to ensure we support members simply and efficiently at every touchpoint.

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Empowering members through simplicity, efficiency and choice

We’re bringing global investment to help the UK industry tackle legacy issues of fragmentation, multiple pots and lack of member-choice. Our mission is to empower members and employers through simplicity, efficiency and choice.

To do this, we deliver outstanding member experiences through market-leading technology, behavioural analytics and specialist services.   

Delivering outstanding member

Market-leading technology

Simplicity and efficiency underpin our leading-edge servicing platform. It delivers highly automated, scalable processes and advanced personalisation capability that enable members to engage with their pensions in the way that works for them. It’s a secure, highly-customisable and multichannel solution that delivers outstanding member experiences and engagement. With in-built fraud resilience, clients and trustees can be confident that their members are well protected.

Behavioural analytics

Proven over 15 years working with Australia’s largest pension funds, we’re bringing our powerful analytics capability to the UK to help you optimise your member experiences. We help you better know your members, personalise at scale and support them in making the best next action across the member journey. Where others just see member data, we see member behaviours. And we use this to simplify and enhance the member experience, drive operational efficiencies and enable effective strategic planning.

Specialist services

Fraud solutions

Link Group’s Analytical Link Exception Reporting Tool “ALERT” is the industry standard in the Australian pensions market to mitigate these loss events. ALERT has been specifically developed for the pension market and created in collaboration with regulators, law enforcement agencies and our existing client funds. The service, with over five years of fraud risk intelligence built into its framework and rules, provides automated account and transaction monitoring to support funds’ operational fraud control environments.

Pensions Consultancy Services

We offer clear, independent and practical advice that helps Trustees and employers navigate the complex world of pensions. For corporate clients, we deliver intelligent and informed pension management and consultancy services to trustees and employers on defined benefit and defined contribution schemes.

Our highly qualified specialists bring their deep industry experience to advise on past, current and future pension provisions.  We combine in-depth knowledge of pension legislation and expert outlook to focus on the areas that really matter to you.  Our consultants can act as the main point of contact on all pension matters as well as overseeing the day-to-day management of the scheme, providing comprehensive and technical advice to align the interests of the scheme with other service providers.

Other specialist services

As part of our broad service capability, we also offer:

  • Governance support and solutions
  • Pension secretarial services
  • Trustee training
  • De-risking and buy-out solutions
  • Scheme Design

How we benefit you and your members

Provider performance

We will help you serve your members simply and efficiently through our market-leading platform while helping you meet your regulatory obligations and prove value for money through compliant, efficient and automated processes and lower costs per transaction. We will help you to on-board new clients quickly, invest their funds efficiently and accurately and help you to meet peak activity through our global servicing platform and infrastructure.

Trustee confidence

As a Trustee, we’ll give you the independent oversight, assurance and confidence you need that that your members are being served compliantly and cost effectively. We’ll help you make informed decisions through advanced analytics that you can trust – and in the knowledge that our servicing platform is more secure and fraud resilient than legacy systems. We will support Trustees and their members by demonstrating the benefits of our market-leading solutions that provide positive member experiences.

Adviser opportunity

We bring a genuinely unique alternative to the UK market, one that has been proven globally and which will today enable a new era in outstanding member experiences. We can help your clients to drive down costs, enhance their service, meet their authorisation commitments while reinventing the member experience through advanced analytics, automation and personalised services. We’ll co-invest with your clients in new technology and processes that will differentiate them in the market.

Beyond outstanding experiences. Our ambition for the UK pensions market

Over the next five years, our ambition is to help turn the UK pensions market upside down and give members real choice. We are passionate about helping people achieve healthier retirement outcomes. So, we’re setting our long-term sights on moving beyond simplifying and improving member engagement to enabling true member-centricity in the UK.

We believe this is the moment to consider new ways to drive member experience and engagement in UK pensions. You can read more about our ideas for ‘pot follows member’, a UK clearing house and recommendations for a single UK body to drive long term pensions strategy here: 'Time To Turn The UK Pensions Market Upside Down’. 

What does the UK really want?

As a leading pension administrator, we believe the industry can service members more simply, efficiently and with greater choice. So we are listening carefully to what members really want. Our user panel research, Consumer View, aims to capture how members feel about the state of UK pensions.  Consumer View study will provide an independent, unbiased view on member sentiment towards the UK pensions industry on a rolling annual basis through to 2030. We interview 1500 members nationwide that are actively engaged in their future retirement arrangements through an independent research organisation. The survey will be published in Autumn, annually, with rolling trends provided. Please contact the team for your copy. 

To find out more, contact Richard Wilson today.

Richard Wilson

General Manager - EMEA

Alex Tullett

Chief Operations Officer - EMEA

Danny Meehan

Growth Leader

Jessica Beresford

Head of Data & Analytics

Time To Turn the Pensions Market Upside Down

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