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Cushon partners with Link Group to deliver outstanding customer experience outcomes to its members and employers
Insights - News

  • Partnership enhances Cushon’s and Link Group’s market-leading reputation for delivering service excellence to members and employers

  • Link Group to provide a unified, robust and innovative customer experience to Cushon’s clients and members.

Cushon has signed a multi-year partnership deal with Link Group, the global leader in pension servicing, to deliver outstanding customer experience outcomes to its members and employers.

As Cushon grows and welcomes new members, it is determined to continue to provide the highest quality customer services to its clients and members. The decision to partner with Link Group will provide a unified, robust and innovative customer experience to all of Cushon’s clients and members.

The multi-year agreement extends Link Group’s partnership with Cushon to deliver a service solution to its members.

Link Group connects millions of people everyday with their assets. As a market-leader in the Australian pensions industry, Link Group is now investing heavily to transform the UK pensions industry and is delighted to be working with Cushon to provide a robust, efficient, and scalable solution to deliver world-class outcomes and experiences to clients and members across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Grounded on this globally proven pension servicing and data analytics capability, Link Group’s technology will seamlessly integrate into the Cushon platform to drive a new era in member-led services that will help people achieve better retirement outcomes. The partnership will deliver a more personalised, robust and digital on-demand service to further advance Cushon’s success at engaging members with their pensions when and how they want to.

Behind the scenes, Link Group’s advanced engagement wrap technology, will be integrated to help members securely and confidently engage with their pensions through a channel of their choice. There will be enhancements to live chat and self-service processing in addition to the personal service offered by experienced customer service teams.

Ben Pollard, CEO, Cushon said

“As an award-winning pensions and savings fintech, the Cushon Master Trust is a market leader in digital-first member and employer services. This transition to Link Group’s robust servicing platform and industry-leading administration expertise will enhance this reputation and support us as we continue to scale and welcome new members. Our partnership with Link Group will bring enhanced levels of customer service, account management, information and innovation to our members, employers and teams across the UK. It signals a major advance in our servicing and pension administration capabilities.”

Richard Wilson, General Manager EMEA, Retirement & Superannuation Solutions, Link Group, said

“Our multi-year partnership with Cushon accelerates Link Group’s commitment to lead a digital and member-led revolution in the UK pensions industry. By combining our global technology & servicing platform and data science capabilities with Cushon’s innovative technology, we will help Cushon deliver exceptional member services every day. Link Group is delighted to be extending its partnership with Cushon, gaining a talented team across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and gearing up to deliver a robust, digital-first experience to members and employers.”

Richard Wilson

General Manager - EMEA