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Proxy solicitation

D.F. King is one of the world’s oldest and leading firms in the field of proxy solicitation, governance advisory, M&A, activist defence.

Who are we?

We help clients progress in a challenging financial world with confidence. Our teams support boards at all levels of maturity with ever-changing regulation, governance and shareholder engagement.

Our proxy team supports over 350 projects a year to help our clients engage with their key Investors in and around their AGM, manage contested situations and activist defence.  

Our solution

Since the shareholder spring from some years ago, we have continue to see an increase in the number of issuers wanting to be on the front foot around engaging with their shareholders in advance of investors publicly voting with their feet at a corporate event such as an AGM.

Board director remuneration and composition, ESG and dividend payments have all been a trigger for more vocal investor activity.  

D.F. King Ltd, an Orient Capital company, is one of the world’s oldest and leading firms in the field of proxy solicitation, governance advisory, M&A, activist defence. We have executed campaigns globally for issuers ranging from small to mega cap across all sectors.

Our services can be tailored to meet your requirements, including:

Proxy solicitation (institutional and retail)

Active engagement with key institutions to improve their understanding of issues as well as gauge voting intentions (verification of deadlines, vote shepherding, daily monitoring of voting) and vote matching

Governance support

Strategies on how to mitigate the risk around negative votes, from identifying top contentious issues through to preparation of material and active engagement

M&A / takeovers / activist defence

Winning the hearts and minds of shareholders during corporate actions, especially when they are contested, is critical.  Well-designed and targeted campaigns, articulating key messages and benefits to shareholders, will deliver shareholder support – we provide the intelligence you need to effectively manage these situations

Why are we different to our competitors?

Through D.F. King, Link  has ensured it is able to offer its clients an unrivalled specialist capability, which is a key factor to our success. This coupled with the in-house shareholder intelligence from our Orient Capital team is a key benefit of our integrated solution, delivered by a team who knows how to deliver.

Our highly regarded team contains longstanding industry professionals with investment banking and related experience, who have an excellent track record in ensuring the best outcome for their clients.  We are consistently ranked #1 Proxy Solicitor by number of deals supported.

Our expertise means we can deliver well-designed and targeted campaigns to improving the holders understanding of issues, gauge investor sentiment and increase voting participation.

Security of information is critical to our business and by offering a dedicated and trustworthy integrated solution, we are confident in providing a complete solution across your team.

We call this the DFK Standard.

Visit our D.F. King and Orient Capital websites or contact us to find out more.

DF King Ltd website

David Chase Lopes

Managing Director EMEA at D.F. King Ltd