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Spotlight on Debi Millwood
Insights - What We Think

Debi Millwood | Dividends Supervisor

Most UK companies pay some of their profits to shareholders each year. This is called a dividend as companies literally ‘divide’ their profits. And over time, it is a very important part of the return a shareholder makes on their investment.

Our March Spotlight shines a light on London-based Debi Millwood from Link Group Corporate Markets. As a Dividends Supervisor, Debi is one of our experts responsible for paying dividends to millions of shareholders on behalf of our issuer clients.

Debi engages with a range of teams collaborating with other dividend specialists around the world to connect people with their assets. , Outside of work, she dedicates time to connecting with her family and many pets! With many career highlights and a range of insights, let’s find out what drives our expert dividend troubleshooter.

1. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

“I had set myself a goal to become a supervisor in my department at Link Group by the time I turned 40. I had dedicated years to building my career in Corporate Markets since 2003 and I was motivated to not only establish a career I’m passionate about, but also make my family proud. That’s why achieving my goal of becoming a supervisor, whilst also gaining the opportunity to collaborate with our Mumbai team, was a very fulfilling highlight.

The knowledge I gained in my day-to-day work in my previous corporate actions and dividends roles were valuable to our clients and equally to my team, my expertise was even called on to assist colleagues across different levels of seniority. This grassroot approach has given me the tools to support the development of our business which means we can deliver the best service we can for our clients and their shareholders”.

2. What part of your job brings you the most joy?

“Paying out dividends to shareholders involves juggling a lot of tight deadlines and navigating complex processes. Problem solving and troubleshooting in high pressure situations like this is very rewarding and something I’ve learned I’m very good at! I know how important it is to our clients that their shareholders receive their dividends in a prompt and secure way, so colleagues around the world working together to make that happen shows just how globally supported and connected we all are.

I’m also very detail-orientated, so maintaining a clear audit to look back on is an important part of my working process. I enjoy recording how I’ve overcome challenges, so I know how to approach them in the future if I have to. I’m always happy to share my experiences with other colleagues who need support finding solutions to specific challenges, they’ve helped me get this far after all!”

3. How do you see the payment of dividends improving in the future?

Without a doubt, electronic payments are the way forward. Many dividend payments are still made by cheque, particularly when paying dividends to individual shareholders. But we all know that cheques are outdated, expensive and increasingly dangerous.

The team and I are working hard to ensure Link Group are at the forefront of driving digital enhancements to the UK shareholder ecosystem. And with more and more of our clients opting for chequeless and paperless dividends, this will bring a number of benefits to our clients, their shareholders and the wider economy.”

4. What is your favourite passion outside of work?

“When I’m not watching Korean Dramas, most of my time at the weekends and outside of work is taken up with looking after my family’s collection of ferrets.

As of 2024, our ferret count is at 60. A few years ago, my family and I started helping at a ferret rescue centre and we’ve fallen in love with them ever since! We used to enter them into county fares and similar exhibitions for people to see and pet them. They pile up on top of each other to sleep between 18 – 20 hours a day, but when they’re awake, they’re very lively and chaotic in nature but luckily when we exhibit them in fares, they’re usually asleep. I’ve managed to catch a few interesting snaps of them during the times they’re awake!”

Connecting you with our people is as important to us as connecting people with their assets. To keep up to date on insights and learnings from the people that make our business what it is, follow us on LinkedIn or join our Ahead community and receive regular updates on all our thought leadership content and events.

Debi Millwood

Dividends Supervisor