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Link Investor Centre

Our new Link Investor Centre offers a secure platform for shareholders and employees to access and manage their investments with ease, across both a web portal and native mobile app. It’s a simple, convenient, and secure way for shareholders to manage their investments from a smart device – and a first for the UK market.

Key features of Link Investor Centre include:

Online Shareholder Portal: Link Investor Centre provides an online portal for shareholders to view their holdings, transaction history, dividend payments and other important information. 

Investor communications: The platform enables companies to easily communicate with their shareholders through a range of channels including email and webcasts

Mobile app: The platform offers a mobile app that allows shareholders to access their information on-the-go

Secure and reliable: The platform is built with the highest level of security and reliability, ensuring that shareholder information is kept safe and confidential

User-friendly interface: Link Investor Centre has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it simple for shareholders to access their information and for companies to manage their communications

If you’d like to find out how our technology can support you and your shareholders, please get in touch.

Will Barlow

Head of Business Development

Gemma Owens

Senior Business Development Manager