Our market-leading Treasury team works with both UK public and corporate clients.

Who are we?

As the UK’s largest share registrar, we help clients progress in a challenging financial world with confidence.

We provide the platform to list on global stock exchanges and keep pace with change and investor relations. Our teams support boards at all levels of maturity with ever-changing regulation, governance and shareholder engagement.

We have been providing services for over 20 years, and work with a large portfolio of clients providing treasury management and asset financing and lease advisory; helping them save money and time.

Leasing advisory

Our comprehensive advice and insight makes it easier for our private and public sector clients to lease assets that are best suited to their requirements.

We help our clients achieve material savings by putting in place an effective leasing strategy across their businesses and driving down the cost of acquiring new assets. We also help streamline processes and costs to deliver tangible savings, and centralise leases to help our clients manage them.

Our service is designed to ensure that all funding options for short-life assets are considered and evaluated to identify the optimum funding source, commensurate with risk. 

Public sector treasury

We are the market-leading provider of treasury management and a wide range of financial advisory services to the UK public sector. Over 350 public service organisations subscribe to our treasury service.

We provide quality, independent advisory services, supported by the largest treasury management, asset finance and technical accounting teams in the public sector.

Cash management and foreign exchange 

Our corporate treasury service is both proactive and dynamic, saving you time and effort on daily treasury management. Encompassing expert knowledge and proven technology, we provide comprehensive, tactical and operational outsourcing solutions to suit corporate cash management requirements.

Through our relationship with key counterparties, we provide our clients with a comprehensive solution for cross-border, cross-currency payments and receipts.


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