miraqle is a simple, globally accessible, integrated suite of digital solutions which supports share registration, employee share plans, investor relations, communications (externally and internally), and corporate governance. It is also the first platform of its kind, making us the only full-service provider in the market that can provide an end-to-end value chain of services to simplify your needs. This pioneering technology gives our clients access to functionality and capabilities that are not currently available in the UK.  

For Company Secretaries, miraqle will provide everything you need to efficiently manage your share register including seamless board reporting, register analysis and easy access to proxy voting information. 

HR Managers can better manage their processes with an integrated suite for employee share plans. 

miraqle will help Reward Specialists manage workflows and deliver exceptional employee share ownership experiences to colleagues. It will provide a real-time view of engagement and uptake. 

Investor Relations Specialists will benefit from miraqle’s advanced, easy to understand reporting capabilities that will help identify who holds shares, allowing them to understand market sentiment quicker. This means better tracking and monitoring of shareholder movements for more informed targeting and engagement.  

Key features of the miraqle registry module include:

  • Registry Dashboards: Maintain visibility of your register’s issued capital, top holders, movements, profile and trends via easy to digest tables and charts  
  • Registry Search: View investor details and filter your search criteria 
  • Reporting Tools: Generate, view and access reports and templates using enhanced filtering 
  • Proxy Event Management: Allow clients to self-serve by creating and managing their own proxy events such as AGMs
  • Alerts: Set customisable alerts for movements on your register

Clients using miraqle can expect to see an increase in business productivity due to the simplicity of the Registry module, an easy access suite of functions, and shareholder information at the touch of a button.  

If you’d like to find out how miraqle can drive benefits for your organisation, please get in touch.


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