Depository Interest

We help our international clients gain the full benefits of being a London-quoted company.

Who are we?

We help clients progress in a challenging financial world with confidence, providing the platform to list on global stock exchanges and keep pace with change and investor relations. Our teams support boards at all levels of maturity with ever-changing regulation, governance and shareholder engagement.

We are the UK’s largest share registrar, investor analyser and professional services secretarial team.

How do we help?

We pioneered Depository Interests in 2000 to allow the shares of international issuers to be held and transferred within CREST without the need to incorporate a new holding company in one of the ‘home nations’: The UK, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man.

The London capital markets have long been recognised as a listing and trading venue of choice for international companies, hosting all types of international companies from early stage tech to multi-national industrial.

The advantages that have attracted such a large number of issuers to London include:

  • A well-capitalised investor base
  • A deep concentration of the best financial practitioners in the world
  • A flexible, principles-based regulatory and governance regime and
  • A trusted legal environment.

Any company admitted to trading in London is required to ensure that their shares can be held and settled electronically. UK legislation only permits securities issued by companies domiciled in the UK to be held or transferred within in CREST. For this reason, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man adopted equivalent regulatory structures allowing securities from those jurisdictions to access CREST.

A Depository Interest is an instrument issued under UK law which evidences ownership of a share in an international issuer which is held by Link as depository. As a UK law instrument, a DI is eligible for inclusion in CREST and provides a means for electronic holding and transfer of shares.

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