Debt issuer services

We are consistently ranked number-one Agent on Liability Management transactions, both by value and number of deals.

Who are we?

With the increase in sovereign debt restructuring and imminent changes to LIBOR due in 2021, our debt team are well placed to support debt projects.

We have gained more experience from working on more bond liability management transactions than any other agent. We are the only independent agent with multilingual execution teams in London, New York and Hong Kong, so our debt team deliver insightful advice regarding identification, transaction mechanics and execution.

Our solution

D.F. King Ltd, an Orient Capital company, provides comprehensive execution services in connection with secondary market bond transactions, including tender and exchange offers, consent solicitations, bondholder meetings and complex debt restructurings.

We have executed campaigns globally for corporate and non-corporate issuers ranging from small to mega cap across all sectors as well as municipal, regional and sovereign debt.

Our services can be tailored to meet your requirements, and include:

Bond identification

We track ownership of a bond, drilling down the custody chain to the beneficial owner, investment manager or private bank, gathering investor details, including domicile and holdings information – through ‘Full scope ID’s, ‘Under the radar’ IDs and SEC prescribed ‘look-throughs’

Deal structure management

We advise on clearing system procedures to help develop effective strategies to yield maximum investor participation and provide practical solutions for document distribution and restrictions or eligibility

Information Agent

With long standing relationships with the clearing system, custodians, banks and brokers we are uniquely positioned to ensure timely receipt and understanding of the transaction material. We utilise dedicated project websites and helplines to support the transaction.

Tender, Exchange & Tabulation Agent

Our SWIFT connectivity with the clearing systems ensures we can process and tabulate instructions in real time. We act as proxy based on investor instructions and upon settlement we manage the mark down, issuance of new proceeds and distribution of cash. A full end to end service provider.

Why are we different from our competitors?

Our highly regarded team contains longstanding industry professionals with extensive investment banking and related experience, who have an excellent track record in ensuring the best outcome for their clients.  We are consistently ranked #1 Agent on Liability Management transactions, both by value and number of deals.

Our expertise means we can deliver well-designed and targeted campaigns to improve the holders understanding of issues, gauge investor sentiment and increase voting participation.

We call this the DFK Standard.

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Director, D.F King

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