Did you know that there are millions of pounds’ worth of unclaimed assets, such as shares or outstanding dividends, in the UK alone?

Payments, such as cheques, can often be lost or forgotten. This becomes more complicated when the rightful owner of these funds moves home, changes name, or has inherited shares from a loved one.

Our asset reunification service, AssetTrace+, aims to reunite shareholders or their legal representatives with unclaimed assets held on their behalf by a company in which they are or were a shareholder, using tracing and contact activities.

Whether you’ve moved, had a change of circumstance, or simply forgotten about your shareholdings, we are proud to work with companies to provides a simple, easy and secure way to reunite shareholders with their unclaimed assets.

If you’ve received a letter from us, this means the company you hold shares in has instructed us to contact you to help you access unclaimed assets. It’s therefore important that you follow the instructions carefully, and take action to ensure you don’t lose out.

If you’re a company looking to launch an asset reunification programme, you can email the team at