Virtual AGMs in 2020

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By Graham Butcher, Head of Meeting Advisory Link Market Services

How we scale and flex to help our clients, large and small.

COVID-19 is the most-life changing event to happen during our generation.

It’s a story we will tell those who aren’t yet born: how everyone had to stay safe and stay home, institutions closed their doors for the first time in decades – even centuries, and it seemed the world had stopped turning.

But, of course, it hadn’t. Businesses deemed essential had to support their customers because their customers still needed them. Industries already had one foot submerged in the pool of digital before COVID, but we all had to jump straight in.

Throughout 2020, listed companies were still committed to Companies Act regulatory requirements to meet end-of-year reporting as well as their shareholders’ rights involved in general meetings. Social distancing laws introduced by the government prohibited their shareholders’ physical presence.

Companies needed to hold meetings behind closed doors and ask shareholders to submit any questions via e-mail before the event. They could also submit their voting by proxy / electronic means ahead of the event or find a way to host their AGMs remotely.

And that’s where we came in.

Download our case study to find out how we supported 600 clients globally to deliver virtual and hybrid meetings throughout 2020.

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Head of Meeting Advisory Link Market Services

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Virtual AGMs in 2020

How we scale and flex to help our clients, large and small

Download our case study