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Spotlight on Ajay Jaisingh
Insights - What We Think

Ajay Jaisingh | Corporate Markets Operations Head, India

Our February spotlight shines a light on Mumbai-based Corporate Markets Operations Head, Ajay Jaisingh, our part-time powerlifting, and fitness extraordinaire.

 Prior to joining Link Group in 2020, Ajay built his reputation in the finance industry, positions in top global banks including JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and many other leading financial institutions.

As one of our business’s brightest talents, let’s find out what drives Ajay’s passion for life, work and helping effect positive change. 

What has been the highlight of your career?

"Having the opportunity to set up a new product in the market during my time at one of India’s leading banks, Kotak Mahindra, would be the first highlight over my 17 years in the industry. I led a game-changing operational initiative that eventually became known as Kotak’s Gift City Hub operation, which required licensing from Indian regulators.

Securing a global custody licence for a domestic bank had never been done before, which made Gift City the first international banking hub in India. One of the main benefits of this project was that foreign investors were able to receive a tax-free income during the first five years of investing. Without the support of my market connections from previous companies, I wouldn’t have been able to lead this project, and setting it up successfully gave me a very strong presence in the India Market.

One of the reasons I was drawn to Link Group is their commitment to delivering similar enhancements to the global investment ecosystem. The success my team and I have achieved so far all comes down to my team’s efforts, and I am very grateful for their efforts to ensure we all work well together towards the common goal of connecting people to their assets.

What part of your job brings you the most joy?

"The people around me and the culture of Link Group is something that gives me the most joy. It’s clear to our leadership team that progress is not linear and there will be times in your career where you will need support from those around you.  Any time I am down or feel too much pressure, I have faith that I can seek the support I need to succeed.

It is because of that the team can achieve successful outcomes for our clients, their shareholders and employees."

At the end of the day, seeing my team smile gives me all the comfort I need.”

What's the biggest change you think that needs to be made to our industry?

"People all over the world today are spending more time than ever on their phones. Because of this, every market is looking to capitalise on the increasing demand for mobile-first solutions. While other industries are leaning into this new way of doing business, it feels like our industry may still be slightly behind. There’s plenty of room for improvement, especially now we’re seeing platforms like AI and cryptocurrency banking apps succeeding, so this is definitely the way forward.

I see myself being involved in this re-direction effort by helping people and businesses adapt to the shift towards a more electronically focused industry and promote our services for people to use on-the-go. As a leader, I have already been involved in discussions about how our industry can transition into being digitally innovative and find more sustainable ways to conduct business.

Secondly,  organisations need to continue pushing to provide the best opportunities to allow people to achieve their maximum potential. . Identifying these areas will empower employees to excel through the training and promotion opportunities you give them, and many of the initiatives which Link Group are driving serve as proof that making these changes can improve businesses and society as a whole."

What is your favourite passion or activity outside of work?

"Since I was young, I’ve been passionate about fitness, but in recent years, I picked up a strong interest in powerlifting. Every morning before work, I dedicate at least 45 minutes – 1 hour to training in the gym where I can practice for the next power lifting competition I participate in. My wife also gets involved in competitive powerlifting, and I enjoy cheering her on and encouraging her to participate!

When I’m not working, I train people and offer my expertise as a certified nutritionist and fitness consultant. I used to spend a lot of time during the height of the pandemic working as a freelancer to help people get through the physical difficulties they had been suffering from after catching Covid-19. Cycling is another one of my passions, especially riding motorbikes, and whenever my wife wants to come along for the ride, I bring her with me on my two-seater moped."

“There’s nothing stopping other markets from switching to more sustainable practices”

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Ajay Jaisingh

Corporate Markets Operations Head, India