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Is 2023 the year to float?
Insights - What We Think

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Jon Roast | Senior Manager, Capital Markets

Is 2023 the year to float? We caught up with Jon Roast, Senior Manager, Capital Markets to find out.

“The road to IPO in the last 24 months has been confronted by multiple headwinds. First, Brexit, then the global pandemic, then conflict in Ukraine and now levels of inflation that haven’t been seen for 40 years.

So with the short-term forecast looking uncertain, it’s no longer a question of when to list. It’s now a question of how long it will take the IPO market to shout from the crow’s nest - full steam ahead!

Until then, there does seem to be a gentle breeze of optimism and market activity forming with the FTSE 100 showing upward trends since October 2022!”

For the past 8 years, Jon has helped companies of different shapes, sizes and requirements start their journey on the UK public markets.

So what should companies be considering when starting their journey as a listed company?

“The size of your company, what sector will best complement your business, and what exchange you want to list on. For example, if you’re a REIT, you might consider listing on IPSX - the first regulated stock exchange for real estate. Or alternatively, a listing on the London Stock Exchange may be a better fit for your business. Never before has destination London provided so much choice for companies looking to begin their journey on the public markets.

When the time comes though, the team at Link Group can provide support at every step of the way. From supporting your board so they’re IPO-ready, to the creation of your share register and any employee share plans that you may wish to offer; we will get you to the opening bell with expertise and precision.“

And what does the road ahead look like after the bell has rung out?

“We are committed to partnering with our clients to help them achieve their long-term goals. Our dedicated team will also make sure your community of shareholders, investors and employees are taken care of.  

Our global backing has also allowed us to develop technology to reduce complexity for both companies and shareholders. 2022 marked the launch of our LinkVote+ app. An industry first which not only allows your shareholders to attend hybrid/virtual AGMs, it also gives the capability to vote and participate in them remotely, and much more.

This is only the beginning though. Over the next two years, our technology-led transformation will offer automation to suit the needs of each individual user. Delivering streamlined digital journeys and paperless experiences, we will pave the way for a new era of engagement and connectivity for shareholders and issuer companies with our unrivalled suite of solutions.

Regardless of market conditions, we’re here and ready to set you off for success when the time is right.”

If you’d like to discuss opportunities around IPO and more, you can contact Jon directly.

You can also download our corporate governance roadmap and watch the video below to discover how we can support you every step of the way.

Jon Roast

Senior Manager, Capital Markets