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Are you looking to IPO in the future?

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What’s in a name?

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Share plan trends in 2023 and beyond

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Removing paper and dematerialising the share settlement system

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Celebrating 40 years of service with Darren Nicholls

One of Link Group’s UK members of staff celebrated a very special anniversary this month. Our very own Darren Nicholls, Head of Client Business Management, Corporate Markets was recently presented with gifts and subjected to the obligatory speech to mark an incredible 40 years of service.

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Are you up to date with the changes taking place to the UK Corporate Governance Code?

We kicked off the summer by inviting the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) to host three Ahead events across our Leeds and London offices to discuss the changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code with our community of governance professionals.

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What can we do to tackle diversity at board level?

What are the barriers to social mobility within organisations? And how might they be overcome in the future to ensure that leadership represents a wider base of society, from all walks of life.

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Is 2023 the year to float?

Is 2023 the year to float? We caught up with Jon Roast, Senior Manager, Capital Markets to find out.

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Digitally connecting investors with their assets

In the UK, we are unique.

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Virtual AGMs in 2020

How we scale and flex to help our clients, large and small.

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UK Dividend Monitor Q4 2020 webcast highlights

Was the worst recession in 300 years as bad for investors as it could have been? Find out from our market experts.

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A review of General Meetings – 2019 v 2020

During 2020, we again analysed the voting results of our client General Meetings (GMs) in the UK and Ireland.

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