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Link Group are inviting you to attend a series of weekly webinars that will help you transition to, and comply with IFRS 16.

Although, IFRS 16 has been deferred three times, the challenge for Public Sector organisations to comply with IFRS 16 has not diminished, and with just 7 months until the 2022 closedown, the clock is ticking for what is a major project.  Indeed, CIPFA have stated that a lack of preparedness is not an acceptable excuse!

The deferrals are likely to lead to increased scrutiny from auditors, requiring a thorough impact assessment of IFRS 16 as part of the 2022 financial closedown, and the transition as part of the 2023 closedown.

The complexities of the IFRS 16 standard can make it difficult to navigate and Link Group are here to help with our series of weekly webinar workshops. These workshops will introduce you to IFRS 16, help you understand the challenges, and inform you how to prepare effectively for the new standard. The sessions will also include first-hand examples of IFRS 16 case studies/experiences that Link has had from providing lease advisory services (including accounting treatment for leases) to 200+ Public Sector organisations.

Session 1: - Understanding IFRS 16 | Tuesday, 7 September | 11 am - 12 pm.

  • Background to IFRS 16
  • What are the key differences between IAS 17 and IFRS 16?
  • How to calculate the measurement of Right of Use Asset
  • How to calculate the measurement of Lease Liability
  • IFRS 16 worked example

Session 2: - Complying with IFRS 16 | Tuesday, 14 September | 11 am - 12 pm.

  • What data do you need to gather?
  • What are the new disclosure requirements?
  • What decisions and judgments do you have to make?

Session 3: - LS2 Software Demonstration | Tuesday, 21 September | 11 am - 12 pm.

  • How systems can help with IFRS 16 compliance?
  • Our Lease Portfolio Management and Accounting system

Sessions 1 & 2 will be CPD accredited and as always, we welcome any comments, feedback, or suggestions on how we may structure future webinars and workshops.

These webinars are free of charge to attend.

If you would like to attend these webinars, please RSVP using the booking form.

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