Retirement solutions

A digital-first solution to drive efficiency and enhance member engagement.

Link Group has been at the heart of modernising the pensions industry in Australia for the last 20 years and we are bringing this expertise, technology and solutions capability to the UK.

The UK pensions administration market in the UK has been under-invested in, which has eroded margin and the ability for companies to invest in solutions that really engage people in saving for their retirement. We want to change this.

Pensions administration

Our digital-first solution for the Defined Contribution (DC) and Master Trust Administration market will drive efficiency, put member engagement at the heart of pensions, and firmly deliver on Link Group’s purpose of connecting people with their assets.

With a leading-edge front-to-back office solution, we are modernising the market by combining highly automated, cost efficient, scalable processes with advanced data analytics and platform capabilities. Taking away the complexity and automating the back office means that providers can focus on member engagement and offer a secure, compliant and personalised member experience.

Data solutions

Our Data solutions team specialises in a wide range of modelling techniques using best of breed tools and techniques. We provide our pensions clients with a wide variety of insights that focus on customer outcomes, including data clustering and segmentation, and predictive analytics focused on customer defection, engagement and cross-sell. In addition, we provide customer journey mapping and the ability to pinpoint a customer’s next best action or conversation.

Fraud solutions

During the first six months of 2021 the FCA reported that over £2 million of pension scam losses had been filed with Action Fraud.

Link Group’s Analytical Link Exception Reporting Tool “ALERT” is the industry standard in the Australian pensions market to mitigate these loss events.

ALERT has been specifically developed for the pension market and this has been done in collaboration with regulators, law enforcement agencies and our existing client funds. The service, with over five years of fraud risk intelligence built into its framework and rules, provides automated account and transaction monitoring to support funds’ operational fraud control environments.

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