Retirement solutions

As global leaders in retirement solutions, we have already simplified and transformed the member experience and engagement in the Australian market.

Now, we have brought our expert Australian capability to the UK market through innovative engagement wrap technology that simplifies member experience and engagement. Together with our acquisition of HS Pensions and strategic partnership with Smart Pensions, we offer a compelling proposition for the UK market.

How do we help?

Our engagement wrap technology enables existing administration platforms, systems and communications channels to simplify the member experience and engagement.

We are making it simpler for members to engage by seamlessly integrating member data with 20 different voice, digital and physical channels to create a single, simple engagement interface that enables a best-in-class customer experience.

  • Addresses years of under-investment in UK pensions administration. With no more sticky tape, spreadsheets and workarounds, our engagement wrap technology fills a major gap in UK pensions functionality.
  • For providers and employers, our wrap technology removes complexity to help you focus on member engagement through a secure, compliant, cost effective and personalised member experience.
  • For members, our wrap technology enables simpler end-to-end experience and better engagement – which we believe is the foundation of healthier retirement outcomes. Whether members tweet, text, email or write, we can ensure the experience is best-in-class.

What do UK members really want?

Our UK research* shows that UK consumers are now more knowledgeable about pensions and ready to take greater responsibility for their retirement arrangements. Positively, 78% of people ‘understand’ pensions but there is still a clear need for the industry to significantly simplify member engagement.

42% of those surveyed feel that it still too difficult to make simple changes to their pensions, while 58% of people are finding it difficult to become actively involved in their investments. The industry needs to leverage this growing sense of personal responsibility by making it simpler for people to engage in their pensions. Read more about our research here.

Our long ambition is to help the UK achieve member-centricity by 2030.

We are passionate about helping people achieve healthier retirement outcomes. So, we’re setting our long-term sights on moving beyond simplifying and improving member engagement to enabling true member-centricity in the UK by 2030. At Link Group, we also believe this is the moment to consider new ways to drive member experience and engagement in UK pensions. We will be sharing these ideas formally through the launch of a whitepaper entitled 'Time To Turn The UK Pensions Market Upside Down’. 

Powerful wrap technology 

Our technology wraps around your existing administration systems – in the same way that it wraps around our own market-leading administration, data and fraud solutions and can be standalone or offered as part of an integrated solution that includes:

Pensions administration

market drives efficiency, puts member engagement at the heart of pensions, and firmly delivers on Link Group’s purpose of connecting people with their assets.

Following our acquisition of HS Pensions in 2022, our leading-edge administration solution combines highly automated, cost efficient, scalable processes with advanced data analytics and platform capabilities.

Together we will offer a best-in-class DC and DB propositions to you from our deep capability, combined teams, enhanced infrastructure and investments. Our joint capability will enable us to support the future developments in what will be a transformative period for the UK pension industry.

Powerful data insights to simplify engagement

Wherever you are on your data journey, our Data Solutions team are skilled at transforming data into a strategic driver.  We provide our clients with a wide variety of insights and solutions that focus on customer outcomes, including data clustering and segmentation, predictive analytics focused on customer retention, engagement and cross-sell. In addition, we provide customer journey mapping and the ability to pinpoint a customer’s next best action or conversation.

Fraud solutions

Link Group’s Analytical Link Exception Reporting Tool “ALERT” is the industry standard in the Australian pensions market to mitigate these loss events. ALERT has been specifically developed for the pension market and created in collaboration with regulators, law enforcement agencies and our existing client funds. The service, with over five years of fraud risk intelligence built into its framework and rules, provides automated account and transaction monitoring to support funds’ operational fraud control environments.


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[1] *Research conducted by TLF Research []. Based on 1503 responses to an online survey, using TLF Panel, conducted during May 2022.

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