Cash management and FX

Our industry experience has taught us that not all organisations take advantage of the opportunity to increase the value of their cash at all stages of the supply chain. We can help you address this and provide comprehensive and web-enabled front, middle and back office treasury services, dependent on your cash management objectives, and can service strategic/tax-based locations.

Agency Treasury Services

We have sourced a wide variety of high quality, well respected providers to offer a secure and rewarding short and medium term home for client’s cash. We have been able to negotiate competitive interest rates over a range of terms in three main currencies: GBP, Euro and USD.

We will help you enhance the value of your cash deposits whilst operating within the risk parameters we jointly agree. Our services remain compliant with the relevant regulatory and legislative environment in your jurisdiction.

Why partner with us?

  • Certain banks on our panel can offer enhanced rates to that offered in the market
  • A faster route to market than initiating new banking relationships for deposits, with no arduous form filling and on-boarding periods
  • Potential to easily spread your counterparty risk with up to 12 credit rated institutions
  • Flexible choice of fixed term deposits
  • Reduced CHAPS charges and administration - for multiple deposit placing clients can initiate one payment and we split the payments to your chosen banks, with just one point of contact 
  • Transparency and full reporting.

Our customised and integrated solution that provides clients with:

  • End-to-end management from policies and execution through to financial accounting
  • Dedicated and responsive support from highly skilled business experts   
  • Strong control environment (ISAE 3402 certified)  
  • Flexibility and scalability for future growth within a highly controlled, disciplined and transparent working environment.

Foreign exchange solutions

Without specialist help to find the most efficient method of executing your foreign exchange transactions, you could be losing money. The need for companies to achieve fast and competitive foreign exchange executions is paramount for all participants in the market.

Through our relationship with Deutsche Bank and access to their market leading foreign exchange dealing platform FX4Cash, we can offer our clients a comprehensive solution for cross-border, cross-currency payments and receipts.

Our foreign exchange clients benefit from reduction in general administration, cost savings, optimisation of cash balances and full reporting.

Case study – managing foreign exchange conversion risk for a global airline

A leading global airline, with sales in multiple currencies, as well as local tax payments to make in restricted regions, looked to us to help manage foreign exchange conversion risk and consolidate the number of currency accounts held in the group.

FX4Cash was adopted with spreads negotiated at pre-agreed levels on both payables and receivables to provide the required transparency. This resulted in better execution rates, a reduction in the number of non-core current accounts, more streamlined cash management and cost and time efficiencies.

Contact details:

David Whelan – Managing Director
+44 (0)207 204 7622

David Whelan

Managing director

Tel: +44 (0)207 204 7622

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