How is the UK's transfer agency industry using technology to transform how it serves customers?

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Transfer Agency: Horizons

Transfer Agency: Horizons combines the experience, knowledge and opinions of the industry’s leading experts as they discuss the themes on everyone’s minds

The complexity of the global financial system across asset classes, geographies and different ownership structures means that, more than ever, our clients need cutting edge technology, the best people and the most carefully managed processes to help record, track and manage who owns these assets and how they change hands.

Vol 3. The Digital Opportunity

Transfer Agency: Horizons digital report

Asset owners come in many shapes and sizes with many different needs.

Whether they are companies, intermediaries, institutions, trustees, mutual funds, investment trusts or indeed the end retail investor – the private individual – they all need to know their financial ownership data is secure, that their transactions will settle on time, that corporate actions will take place without a hitch, and that the income they are due reaches its destination in a compliant manner.

In the third of our Transfer Agency Horizons series, we brought together six experts from fund management, transfer agency, consultancy, and trade associations to discuss how our industry is using technology to transform how we serve customers, as well as the pitfalls and the opportunities. 

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