Link Group enters UK pensions market with digital-first solution to drive down costs and enhance member engagement

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24 November 2021

Link Group is launching Retirement Solutions in the UK, bringing 20 years of experience from the Australian market as the leading Superannuation Solutions Provider.

Link Group Retirement Solutions is launching a digital-first solution to the Defined Contribution (DC) and Master Trust Administration market that will drive down costs, put member engagement at the heart of pensions, and firmly deliver on Link Group’s purpose of connecting people with their assets.

Link Group Retirement Solutions’ leading-edge front-to-back office solution will modernise the market by combining highly automated, cost efficient, scaled processes with advanced data analytics and platform capabilities. Taking away the complexity and automating the back office means that providers can focus on member engagement and offer a secure, compliant and personalised member experience.

In Australia, one in three pension scheme members are supported by Link Group on behalf of its clients. This market leading positioning has enabled Link Group to provide retirement solutions for clients, their members and employers through digital front end, service channels, account management, transaction processing, data and insights in a secure and trusted way.

Link Group currently supports close to one million members in the UK at present, with plans to further expand this over the next financial year.

Richard Wilson, General Manager of Link Group’s UK Retirement Solutions business comments:

“We are looking forward to bringing Link Group’s scale and track record as a leader in servicing pension funds in Australia to the UK.

“Link Group has been at the heart of modernising the superannuation (pensions) industry in Australia and we are delighted to now bring this expertise, technology and solutions capability to the UK.

“The UK pension market continues to see significant change and consolidation at multiple levels and bears many characteristics and similarities to the Australian market. With the success of auto-enrolment, Master Trusts are now facing trends of increasing consolidation with pressure to simplify and improve member experience, all of which can benefit from the technology-led solutions and robust, scaled solutions that Link Group brings.

“The pensions administration market in the UK has been under-invested which has eroded margin and the ability for companies to invest in solutions that really engage people in saving for their retirement. We want to change all that. Over the coming months, we’ll be demonstrating the value of  efficient processing, coupled with sophisticated analytical capability in driving member engagement and ultimately loyalty - all of which is vital to encourage a more active approach to pension saving.”

With the UK pensions market being encouraged to benefit from the lessons of the member-driven model in Australia, there are few better positioned than Link Group to bring innovation, security, and performance to UK pensions.

Richard Wilson

General Manager - EMEA