Expat Asset Management celebrates admission to trading on the LSE

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09 January 2019

Congratulations to Expat Asset Management following the admission to trading in London of the Expat Bulgaria SOFIX UCITS ETF

We were delighted to join Expat Asset Management this morning at the London Stock Exchange to celebrate the admission to trading of the Expat Bulgaria SOFIX UCITS ETF, the first Bulgarian issuer and fund to admit to trading on the London Stock Exchange. The ETF tracks the performance of the main Bulgarian equity index SOFIX, providing investors with access to the largest and most liquid companies on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

Kit Atkinson, Head of IPO Execution at Link Asset Services:
“We are delighted to have supported Expat Asset Management through this process, providing depositary interest services so that fund units can settle in a market friendly way, ensuring the broadest possible access to the fund.
Admission to trading in London is a significant achievement for Expat and paves the way for quick and easy access for international investors to Bulgarian equities and, in time, to broader country specific investments throughout the CEE region.”
Nikolay Vassilev, Managing Partner, Expat Capital:
“We are very happy that Expat Asset Management became the first ETF manager from the CEE region with financial instruments cross-listed on the stock exchanges in London and Frankfurt. We are very grateful to Link Asset Services for their professionalism and dedication. They helped us overcome all the technical difficulties and made our listing on the LSE possible. We intend to use Link’s expertise to list the other 10 CEE index ETFs on the LSE.

Expat’s ETF products are unique market propositions providing country-specific exposure in the CEE region to international investors. They are designed to be major highways for capital flows to and from the equity markets of the CEE countries, linking the stock exchanges of those countries with the financial centres of London and Frankfurt.

The funds make it easy and cost-effective for investors to take and liquidate an exposure to the specific countries in the region, overcoming deficiencies such as lack of liquidity, lack of access, cross-border settlement issues, high execution costs, large spreads, FX conversion issues and other technical factors typical for many of these markets.”

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