Banking and Credit Management

Who are we?

We are the experts in providing efficient administration and innovative financial solutions. We have over €80bn of assets under management and over 112,000 loans under management.

We process over €10bn of payments per quarter and service more than 10 asset classes, ranging from real estate loans and mortgages to infrastructure and renewable energy.

Our services span all stages of the debt life-cycle from origination to performing/non-performing loan and asset management across multiple debt classes.

We provide a range of administrative services relating to the monitoring and repayment of asset-backed debt, allowing our clients to manage their debt and underlying assets effectively.

We provide jurisdictional centres of excellence and undertake management of full banking operations, transforming core and non-core banking activities.

Banking and Credit Management is a leading independent servicer and we have been highly rated by both Standard & Poor’s and Fitch for both our commercial and residential servicing capabilities.

Who do we help?

We operate in regulated markets, supporting clients across multiple European jurisdictions, including the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Italy.

Our clients are typically lenders or investors, both traditional and non-traditional, who seek yield through secured and unsecured credit. This includes financial service organisations such as:

  • Private equity firms
  • Banks
  • Non-bank lenders
  • Pension funds
  • Insurers 
  • Hedge funds

What do we do?

We offer three main services:

Bank outsourcing

For banking clients, we undertake the management of full banking operations including transforming non-core and core banking activities.

New lending

For new lending clients we offer an end-to-end solution across the loan lifecycle including packaging, underwriting, origination, the related primary and special servicing activities, and structured finance.

Portfolio management

For our clients we offer end-to-end solutions across the full debt management lifecycle that includes non-performing loans (NPL) and performing loans servicing.


Peter Walker

Business Development Director (UK and the Netherlands)

Tel: +44 (0) 7990 503 761
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Tim Schuy

Interim Head of Real Estate Finance

Tel: +44 20 7397 4595
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Godfrey Blight


Tel: +44 (0)7824 386 005
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Lisa Burns

Director Asset Management Europe (Italy)

Tel: +39 (345) 4360763
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Rik Douwes

Country Managing Director (the Netherlands)

Tel: +31 88 4229 100
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Dylan Dresens

Managing Director, Flexfront

Tel: +31 06 109 136 07
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Saskia Bijl

Commercial Manager, the Netherlands

Tel: + 31 6 29375201
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Bank outsourcing

We’ll support you throughout your credit management lifecycle.

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We are Ireland’s number-one servicer in origination, NPLs and bank outsourcing.

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Our dedicated team in Italy provides end-to-end services across full loan and debt lifecycles.

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New lending

For new lending clients, we offer an end-to-end solution across the loan lifecycle.

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Portfolio management

We offer our clients end-to-end solutions across the full debt management lifecycle.

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The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, we’re a market-leading independent mortgage servicer.

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United Kingdom

Across the UK, we have dedicated teams providing new lending services.

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